Marc - Column for 11/4

Values and stuff

Ok, the election is over and I can get back to serious stuff, like my new addiction to MMORPGs. I am seriously thinking about plunking down some cash for a FilePlanet Premium Membership, just so I can get into the final stress test of the World of Warcraft. Iím going to think about it this afternoon as I drive home in the annoying traffic and rain that is DC today.

Of course, the gaming addiction aside, I still have this Cant article thing that I need to work on as well. Since the latest exploits of my Super Heroine, Goblin Girl, while amazing and full of glory and honor, are probably of little interest to the small group of folks who might read this, I guess I have to find something else to write about. Iím a news junky, so I guess Iíll right about something that Iím seeing the news that is pissing me off.

I really hate the fact that people who say they voted for Ďvaluesí really meant that they are gay-bashing, overly religious idiots. The Post is running an article about how values is really codeword for abortion and gays. Personally, I think itís a codeword for morons who allow themselves to only believe what the religious right spoon feeds them to think. I donít know that faith itself is something bad, but I think a comment I heard in the dog park (of all places) puts it well. I was chatting with a friend about the election. He said that he wished that he could just get a candidate that has a rational belief system, not one based off mysticism. I agreed, and the comment stuck with me.

In college, I took a some classes on Christianity and the mysticism that has been part of the faith. I also regularly attended Mass at the time, so I definitely got to see first hand some modern constructs of mysticism and ceremony. At the time, I remember a good sense of comfort with the institution of the Church. Of course, that feeling was fleeting and it definitely fled when I realized that the Church itself protected those who prey on children. There are definitely other reasons I am not a practicing Catholic, but the whole scandal helped it out a lot.

So, Iím a lapsed Catholic convert with a muddled protestant upbringing. Through all of that, I still hold by the basic idea that folks should really default to being Ďniceí to each other. I donít really have much opinion of the existence of a Christian God or some other, unnamed Supreme Being. I just think most the time; people can get along if they just accept basic differences.

That is really why I just canít easily fathom how seemingly rational people can froth at the mouth against the idea that two people who care for each other want to have access the same protections a man and woman have. It is just hard for me to see the vehement age/hate/intolerance that folks have towards those with alternate lifestyles. Yeah, Iím being judgmental against them, but it doesnít really matter, since Iím sure they donít care what I think about them anyway.

My senior year of college, I rented a house with a lesbian couple and another woman. I can remember having an Ďaha!í moment, when I realized that I had more lesbians in my circle of friends than straight woman. Besides speaking to the lackluster dating life I had at the time, it really showed me that couples, be they gay or straight, are really just two people wanting to be together and share. I just canít get mind around how that could be a bad thing, especially when the people calling it bad have as one of their core beliefs, ĎLove thy neighbor.í

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