OricXe - Column for 1/11

Doctor, Dentist and The Smell

I thought I had a flesh eating virus judging from the smell. A rotten, decaying smell much like hydrogen sulfide. That's what my snot smells like anyway. Inside, at the smell receptors, it is so much worse. The smell infiltrates every fiber of my being. My food tasted like rotten eggs, my nose smelled and I thought I stank . I constantly, bathed hoping that that smell would go away.

As it turns out, a flesh eating virus was not about to devour my sickly body. An infection mixed with a bit of sinusitis is all that caused the smell. I rejoiced when the doctor told me that as I had been at the dentist earlier that day. God how I hate the dentist.

I remember the last time I told the dentist about something worrying, it required surgery. I do not remember the surgery, but I remember my unstoppable inward cursing as soon as awakening. I really loved those blue pills. They just made the pain go bye-bye.

I also remember the first time I visited the dentist. They took X-rays, he poked around a bit, and out came the big metal needle. "OMFG" I said, outwardly I think, "What's that for?" For I am scared of needles. They always seem to hurt me. A lot more than other people it seems.

Anyway, the dentist replied that I should get some fillings. He showed me the X-ray and said "You see those black marks? That's how far your tooth's decayed. Usually I'd just pull it. But I think you'd like to keep it don't you?" I would've replied no had I known and recognized the smirk he had.

He drilled, scraped, drilled some more, sucked out the spit and drilled. When all that was finished I got up to leave with my aching mouth despite four shots of Novocain (I'd gotten over my fear of needles by then). But he was not finished. He hadn't put in the fillings yet. At least he did that without my usual agony.

At last he was finished. I mumbled thanks and vowed never to come back again. I picked up my stuff and was on my way out when he said "I've only done the bottom row today, make an appointment with the receptionist for the top row."

As it turns out the top row took two more sessions. The usual smirk on his face made me think he liked causing pain. Sort of like the dentist in that evil plant movie.

So after a year or so I went back to mention a niggling problem with my wisdom teeth. "They're not growing right, you'll need some surgery for that. You'll have to see a specialist for that."

"What if I just don't have the surgery?" I replied
"Well then, your teeth will rot and your jaw will fall off."

So I had the surgery by another pain liker. My face swelled. I couldn't move my lips without spikes of pain. I found it hard to drink water, but I swallowed the blue pills religiously and got better.

Now, another year later I mentioned some pain in my teeth. The needle made an appearance and I said "WTF?!" definitely outwardly. "You need to get your fillings replaced. That's why you're experiencing pain."

"No, not today I said. I still have to see my doctor about this death smell in my snot. Can't I do it next week?"

So I went to the GP. He knew what caused the smell. Gave me pills and...

The smell just came back.

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