OricXe - Column for 10/20

The Inevitable

I' m fascinated by it. "What happens if we die? Where do we go? How do we get there? Can we still have sex in the next life? Will I stay the same? Will I be younger? More endowed? Cleanly shaved?"

So death...what's it like? According to the Christian view, you would go to either heaven or hell depending on how you lived. In heaven you experience constant joy and everything that you'll ever want. You'll also be young again if you've died old and fragile. Live your life badly and you'll be subject to the eternal frying of your flesh. But do we have flesh after we die, doesn't your body get cremated or buried? In the case of burial, it will be consumed until there's nothing left. Do you also get a new body if you go to hell, or do you stay as you are? Maybe I'll be a troll when I get there.

The other thing that I quite like is the holographic universe theory(I am not sure that's what it's called, I read the book- Idiot's guide to the theories of the universe- a month or two ago). It simply says that everything is an illusion. It also mentions that something along the way of that we are all pure energy and that we exist as waves. We are living in hologram and are part of it, more or less like The Matrix. We do not see it because we have somehow blocked it out. When you die your eyes are opened and you can experience this hologram from the 'real' vantage point. Einstein said that (I heard this line from a movie) when we die all our energy can't just vanish it has to go somewhere, the theory kind of explains his idea. This could be true if you believe that mediums like John Edward and the others like him aren't just there to make money and entertain people. He once said that the afterlife was similar to what I just wrote.

The third and final one I've come to think of, which I think everyone contemplates, is that you die. 'Die', meaning that you fade out of consciousness. You don't exist anymore. You don't know that you don't exist because you're not there. It's nothingness. You are nothing and only your body exists before it is eaten or cremated.

Where do animals go when they die? They should go to heaven or hell just like humans. Never have I have of any mention in the bible of animals sharing the same fate as humans. They probably fade into nothingness.

Did early man have an afterlife? Early as in before homo erectus.

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