OricXe - Column for 11/10

Useless Ideal?

I was just thinking?

What if someone showed you how to develop psychokinetic powers and had only one condition?

You had to bring about world peace while only a small amount of the earth's population would be worse off than they currently are now.

Why would the world be an uglier place if world peace was suddenly dawned on us?

War makes money. Any military company's profits jump in the time of war. This is a bad thing. But these companies have employees that don't have any other skills and I presume that many of them actually enjoy the work they're doing. The company will also have to employ a larger workforce to satisfy the current demand.

War is sometimes the catalyst for scientific discoveries. If it wasn't for the Second World War the first nuclear plant would've been built in the 90's. I heard that someone remark that if it were not for military spending, many scientific establishments would cease to exist or move very slowly since no money can be made from anything that good for man(and woman)? Unless it's a drug or something.

So what about people against world peace? The world is full of psychopaths. What would these people do with themselves if they are no longer allowed to do the things that they love, as fucked up as it might seem. I hope that they make up only a small percentage of people so I wouldn't care about them.

The other thing is resources. If all mass violence could be ended then many an African country would come out of its stagnation. People in the country might finally have goals that they can possibly achieve. Goals like going to university and becoming a richer, contributing member of society. That would require more energy than the starving people are currently consuming. Many have more than four children. The chances of these kids presently becoming adults are very slim, so the country is able to cope with the non-abundance of resources. When there is nothing to troubling the kids' upbringing, they will need everything that the rest of the world's inhabitants need and although that is good news for China the energy reserves of the world will be depleted earlier than expected.

So what do you do? Maybe I'll have the positive aspects next week.

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