OricXe - Column for 12/1

I saw this girl being bitten by a shark

Itís the second time that Iíve tried to watch Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and I fell asleepÖagain.


How can anyone have said that the movie was good? How the fuck can a sleep-inducing movie achieve such high acclaim? Why the fuck did they make the movie so fucking long? After the first hour I could feel that it was already being dragged out.


The thing isÖI read the book. It took me about a month to read it. Itís not as good as a Robert Rankin novel, but the two canít really be compared. It seems to me that if I ever watch a movie adaptation of a novel I should not by any means read the novel because I feel cheated. This is more or less what happened when I watched Dolores Clairborne. Directors and actors simply canít bring to the screen what I seem to get from the novel.


Too much is removed. You just canít get the psychological suffering that the people got through on screen. What people are thinking is usually a major aspect of the books Iíve read. Ten books are more than enough for one person donít you think? The way the characters are portrayed is absolute shit. In the book much was said about Legolasí stealth and that didnít seem to carry over to the movie. Gollum seems a bit toned down too. The same goes for every other character also, especially Lord Sauron.


Since insomnia had taken a hold of me. I thought that Iíd at least be able to make the three hours, but alas, I could only do two and cured myself of the pesky problem for the night.


Being the person that I am I didnít thing that Iíd enjoy Little Man Tate as much as I did. God damn that boy was smart! Simply being of average intelligence never seemed enough and Iíve always wished that I could be genius certified.


Heartfelt shit really. When he asks the shrink why she talks like sheís reading a book, I laughed my ass out, because I could relate to that. It irritates the shit out of me the first time I heard someone speaking like that.


And the second time, the thirdÖ

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