OricXe - Column for 12/14


I like reading graffiti. I like reading graffiti a lot. I like reading graffiti as much as I can, but not the graffiti you have in mind. By graffiti I don’t mean the works of art that are the products of a lost youth, lots of talent and oodles of spray paint. The graffiti I’m thinking of can more aptly be described as pen and pencil scribbles you usually find on toilet stalls like…

“Call me 072 123 4567 I hav big dick to FUCK wit”
“Ihav big PUSSY 4 ur big dick”
“wat ur number?”
“My pusy wet 4 u”

These pitiful messages of an illiterate youth provide ample entertainment for toilet readers if ever the need arises that you have the displeasure of using a public restroom. Many toilet stall walls are filled with stuff like this. Many have pictures! Although these pictures are quite ghastly.

But what makes a teenager do this? Why do they give up a few seconds of their lives to scribble something on the wall that will last for as long at the toilet walls? Why do they scribble such offensive messages on someone else’s property? Why does it seem so funny to young people, but as a sign of society’s collapse by anyone older?

Well, these messages are like the hand prints of ancient hunters on cave walls. An attempt at immortality if you will allow me to sound psychologetic. While ten years ago graffiti consisted mainly of innocent works similar to “John was here.” Or maybe “John loves Jane 4ever” these are occupies mindspace anymore and as such are a rarity.

Though I cannot say what eighties or maybe earlier graffiti was like, because my memory can’t stretch as far. I’m sure that “John was here” would probably be frowned upon. Or that “John loves Jane 4ever” Would get probably get you stoned by the neighbourhood adults.

But societies change and so does graffiti. Because graffiti is kind of a snapshot of what society is like at the time. You’ll find often that “God doesn’t exist” or “George Bush is the antichrist” are some of the main themes besides sex that graffitist’s make use of.

Some lost souls looking to express their most intimate thoughts but fear judgment sometimes find that walls offer a great way to get their thoughts out to someone. Someone whose judgement will not affect them. That’s why “I’m Gay” or “My dad doesn’t like me” also feature on some walls. Whether these walls are in a toilet or not.

But the real reason someone does it to make your friends laugh.

Other people too.

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