OricXe - Column for 2/15

Crime and shit.

I wonít take up much of your time since I have much to do and not much to say.

Crime is a big problem in South Africa. Being out past eight is risking your life. Having money on you is asking for death and donít even dare talking on your cellphone outside if it is less than a year old.

So thatís what can get you killed in South Africa. Government spits out the usual messages of poverty and lack of education being the major factors in crime, while most officials have at least couple of bodyguards around them at all times.

Police are inept. Donít bother calling them if you are in a fix. Sometimes they come, but most of the time they arrive the next day. That is the real problem and therein lies the fate of the country I love.

Vigilantism has taken hold of most South African townships. As more and more people feel scared and trapped they will resort to Vigilantism. Newspapers are filled with articles of rape, murder, theft, hijackings, etc. but stories abound of men getting killed by the neighbourhood watch.

What these vigilantes donít seem to get is that violence should always be the last cause of retribution and maybe not even then. They donít understand that by doing this they are just breeding more and more violence, ripping away at my country, destroying the very thing that makes me want to be here. The people.

So thatís all I have to say. Please excuse the many grammatical errors that I have made.

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