OricXe - Column for 2/16


Her hair was on fire, truly on fire. Her wonderful metre long locks were on fire. Engulfed in flames. Burning. Smelling like heaven on a bad day. Burning hair can make you nauseous, but then again, have you ever experienced it?

Weird. She’s not making a sound. She’s still moving around, trying to shake off the flames, but hasn’t screamed once. She doesn’t look like she wants to make a sound, a peep or “Help! My hair is burning!”

If my hair were on fire I would scream my guts out, but, being bald, that won’t happen anytime soon.

She’s found some water. Goddammit! Why’d I have to come to a dam?

You thought it was a good idea, because you’d be able to get rid of the body easier.

Fucking inner voice! I hate you, you know that? Always fucking telling me why I did things. You killed her because she was a redhead. He shouldn’t have coloured his hair green, that’s why his not living any more. You keep on fucking mocking me. John, why the fuck did you go out with that ugly broad? That’s not good for us.

Well fuck that! She shouldn’t have been able to see the water anyway. Excessive heat makes a person close his eyes to protect them. There was no way she could have known there was any water there.

She’s still not doing anything. Doesn’t she look a bit inactive for someone with burnt hair. Unconcerned seems more accurate.

Shit! She’s coming here. I guess I have to kill her the old fashioned way. Lemme see. One shot in the head? Two in the stomach? What do you think inner voice?

You could shoot her legs off then burn her afterwards.

But that wouldn’t be burning hair would it. I would be all messy and shit. Flesh smells worse than hair when it’s burning you know. But I’ll shoot her anyway.

What the fuck? She’s still walking. Why ain’t she on her knees begging for mercy? Where are the entry wounds? WHY’S SHE STILL WALKING?

I think she might be Satan reincarnated or something. Wouldn’t that be funny John?

No, not it won’t be shit funny. Why ain’t she falling down? I’ve shot her more then ten times. Three of them hit her squarely in the head.

This is just fucked up man. Be a man and drive away. You are in your car and it seems as though this lady takes a major liking to you. So why don’t we just leave her here?

Yep, that’s what I’ll do. Fuck!

What’s the problem?

Car won’t start. The radiator’s empty. When I left I thought that I’d just fill it up from the dam when she was buried and everything was over.

Dude if you look up you’ll see that’s she’s standing at the window.

“Hello John, remember me?”

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