OricXe - Column for 3/15


Navel hair is an anomaly. Should hair really be growing there? There doesn't really seem to be a sound reason for it's existence I think.

Thinking is what we humans do. All day our minds run an endless cycle of thoughts known and unobserved. Everything becomes a part of the thought processes. The problems, the successes, the brown patch in-between the grass in the backyard.

Back into the mind and impossible becomes true. Imagination makes believers of many while some scorn them from a pedestal of supposed knowledge. Knowledge not completed, but well on its way, barring any cataclysmic events.

Event driven programming was all the rage not so long ago. Something other paradigm has taken over, but my mind reels against the thought of learning the intricacies of yet another IDE.

Sherlock Holmes once said to Watson that memory is finite. Forget anything that seems useless. That is how Big Brother wants it. Big Brother is a real threat slowly creeping upon the developed world becoming part of the scenery of normal life to suburbia.

Suburbs have houses. House music isn't quite as shitty after constant exposure to the beats; Drums dominate, but the soothing voice of an experienced songstress offsets the sometimes rhetoric beat. She says that by taking my hand I can fly into the void and come to know the wonders of the universe.

The universe is an illusion. A long explanation of this is given in Robert Rankin novel, The greatest show off earth.

Earth has people. These people are smart. These smart people created OpenOffice. OpenOffice1 is shitty. OpenOffice2 is da shit. Microsoft can go shit. 2Gb bloat ware doesn't sit well with the average citizen. Even if it is free.

Beer remains closed. I think I'll start the Open-Beer Foundation tomorrow.

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