OricXe - Column for 3/22

Alcoholic Dave

Hey, my nameís Dave and Iím an alcoholic. My first drink was at the age of twelve when my father gave me a glass of beer to see if I was a man. He smiled when I asked for more and gave me a slap on the back of the head.

There was a wino near my house that bought me drinks when I needed them. After that first drink I drank about a bottle of beer each week to keep as it was all I could afford. The wino always drank half, while I took the rest and took sips through the week. I found that warm beer doesnít taste good, but it made me feel good.

As time went on I got a weekend job and extra funding for my habit. My mother cried every time I fell into our house. My father beat me up every time I yelled at my mother in a fit of drunken rage. My dog grew weary of me and bit my leg.

I was kicked out at fifteen. I moved in with a prostitute ten days later. The ten worst days of my life, but my liquid friends helped me through it.

Linda was a prostitute that seemed to like young boys. She gave me a place to stay in exchange for an hourly sex session each night after her work was done. She said that she needed to be cleansed from the demon sticks of men.

On my eighteenth birthday she kicked me out as I had become man. I was selling drugs by then to fund my habit. Iíd wake up sober, go out and sell just enough to pave a road into drunkenness, give my cut to Johnnie and spend the rest of the night at the Crying Willow.

Though Johnnie was a good barman, heíd always kick me out before I got too rowdy. The street outside was my bed for most of the time.

So here I am now. After a fight last week my ribs and many other bones were broken. Someone got me to hospital where, in addition to my multiple fractures, I was diagnosed with severe liver damage.

So thatís why Iím here.

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