OricXe - Column for 4/5

What sound does a rabbit make?

I had a dream. In this dream I was furtively mining for diamonds inside my nose. I found the piece of snot that was causing me discomfort and pulled to acquire my riches. Imagine my surprise when that (quite big I might add) piece of snot was (sky) blue!

So I did what any normal person would do and woke up. I ran to the bathroom and let out a whirl of snot into the toilet. Half of my brain lay in there.

That's not really that important to anyone but me. But what's important really? The war in Iraq seems pretty important. When America fights about oil it's pretty important. Except South Africa is an coal based economy. The only people who use oil are the foreign gas companies.

Okay, so war in Iraq =! Important. Zoom in on Zimbabwe and you'll find that it's pretty fucked up. People are getting killed, sawed, beaten up etc. Not to rain on Zimbabwe or the war on Terrorism's parade, but I'm guessing that more people are murdered in SA than there. At least Zimbabwe's economy's in tatters, so they have something that's an important problem.

Problems are opportunities. Some dumb shit probably said that. Problems are problems.(period) As a kid problems amounted to nothing more than a scratch on the knee or a playground scuffle. As you grow up more responsibilities become yours as you care about more people.

More people you want to keep safe. (Maybe that's what made people vote for Bush in the first and second place?) More people you just want to punch a few times. More people that leave you exclaiming, “Intelligent Design my ass!”

And more people. In a New Scientist a couple of months ago there was mentioned that the optimum number of people on earth would be around two billion. That way we can all live the way we want without totally fucking up the planet while we're at it.

Imagine the earth without China and India? How expensive would everything be then? Or picture earth with only China and India, who would they make cheap stuff for?

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