OricXe - Column for 5/3


The problem with the way we live is this. We eat too much. All we do is eat. Day in, day out. How many times have you eaten today? Three? Four? Maybe you had six small meals? Don't you think that that's too much eating?

Sorry about that, I had to write something to get me started. These past two weeks have been magical for me. I never knew that time could fly by like in that eternal saying, Time flies when you're having fun. And lies land in your food when you're not looking.

Anyway, I removed Ubuntu and reverted back to Suse after I discovered that GCC wasn't included on the distro cd. I threw my hands up, screamed and did things that angry people do when their computers anger them. The screen's not broken though, so typing can still be done.

So after reinstalling Suse, I found that my phone wouldn't connect to net anymore. I was about to do more angry people remonstrations, but decided to take it into my stride. It was about time to upgrade anyway.

Now I just had to find the phone that will suit me well. It can't be eaten, so judging a phone on taste seems unnecessary. So I wrote down on a piece of paper what a good phone would have.

A good screen, HSDPA, and be a smart phone.

I realized that a phone with such features is well beyond my means. So I picked up a screwdriver and some tape. The screwdriver was a flat one since the phone had no screws.

I forced the phone open, looked inside and found that I didn't no shit about what was going on in there. I then proceeded to poke around with the screwdriver to see if anything might happen. Many pokings later, I taped it back together and plugged it in.

Into the computer that is, with a usb cable. The phone powered up and what do you know. I was connected. I disconnected quickly enough though, because I really don't like the phone company fucking me in the ass for every megabyte.

So that's, that with respect to that. I take a bow and wish you a good evening, day or whatever the case may be.

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