OricXe - Column for 5/4

Dumber than Bush?

I donít watch the news. I donít pretend to watch the news and I canít bear the dullness of watching the news. I hate the way the autocue is read. I hate the emotionless (well not really emotionless, they just look scary) way the announcers look at you. But most of all I hate the news because of the content.

Tsunami! Ten people died in a horrifying car crash! Dog found in tree! Kid kills parents then has sex with cows.

The last two would belong in tabloids, but as I said I donít watch the news. What bothers me is that the president advocates the use of traditional medicine instead of anti-retrovirals in the fight against AIDS. Even a four year old child would go, ďWhat the fuck is that shit!?Ē

That disturbs me, but even more disconcerting is that the health minister received an award for the way she handled the AIDS crisis last year. This is the same health minister who says that African potato is better than anti-retrovirals who says that eating healthier is better than using antiretrovirals. The same fucking minister proclaiming that some fucking concoction was good for HIV-positive people when it turned out to be toxic

As I said, I donít watch the news. I canít remember what that stuff is called.

The former deputy president is currently on trial for rape. Had this not come up he would have been the countryís next president. He is quoted as proclaiming that he showered after having sex with the women because it minimized the risk of contracting AIDS.

Thankfully, he is the former deputy president. I donít want to rant about the new deputyís frivolous spending at the taxpayers expense. So Iím leaving it there.

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