OricXe - Column for 6/1

An amalgamamation of letters, white space and erronous punctuation. All coagulated to form incoherent sentences and disjointed paragraphs.

Yeah so took a slight break. Nothing too bad about that. Itís not that Iíve had writers block or got swamped by the daily pressures of life. It's simple. Thereís a sickness Iíve had since childhood that no matter how hard Iíve tried to persevere against it, it knocks me down every time I try and takes over for the next month or so - sometimes longer.

That sickness is Laziness. Laziness is not apt enough to describe the depth of my inability to pick myself up and do something, but Iím too lazy to look up a better one, so sue me (don't I'm almost broke as it is). Every time I sat in front of the computer to write, a voice whispered suggestively, ďDonít write today, youíll dieĒ Whether suggestively was used within context or not is moot at this point. But What was I supposed to do in the face of death? Denying that I have a death phobia wouldnít achieve anything so I had no choice but to give in to the lures of doing nothing.

A PC news site reviewed a new Motorola smart phone (donít care about the model, Motorola phones are simply inferior to anything else, Iíd rather go phoneless than get a Moto) that would be offered by Verizon. At $79.99 you get the phone and 1000 free minutes (donít quote me on that) plus unlimited data.

Unlimited DataÖ

For 80 bucks Iíd get a measly 384Kb/s connection with a 3gig cap. That fucking pisses me off so fucking much that I fucking write, say and think fuck more times than usual. Most of the time followed closely with assholes.

Anyway, I use my Samsung to connect my PC to the net when Iím at home and have to do something mission critical on the net like sending out and email or something.

But I digress. Dogs do not bite people, do they? No they donít especially canines with the largest capacity for noise. A kick in the stomach is enough to make them yelp uncontrollably Ė

Sorry about digressing again. Iím suffering a slow death here so please bear with me. Iím not condoning the kicking of dogs, thatís animal cruelty. Chicken tastes good but thereís no need to torture it before its neckís cut off is there?

Dammit! Iím deviating from the point again. What was the point again? Oh yeah, tasty chicken. Donít buy chicken at a fast food joint. You never know whether the handler of the chicken washed his hands after using the loo. Just read Robin Cookís Toxin to find out what happens when you digest tainted food.

I didnít finish the book by the way. Too overlong and dragged out for my taste. The girl digested some cow shit but thatís beside the point.

Which was what again?

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