OricXe - Column for 6/7

A Street

Imagine a street. Imagine the homes. Just keep your focus on the street. Nothing lies beyond the street. The street is all that exists.

Now imagine that a kid is walking down this idyllic street on his way home. He suddenly stops. His face twists in an expression of utter revulsion mixed with a pint of scared and just a hint of shocked. He lets out a scream.

The boy's scream results in doors opening all along the street. Adults quickly appear outside their respective doors. Kids try to squeeze past the adults. Dogs start barking. All along the kid remains screaming.

Now imagine that as soon as everyone caught a glimpse of the outside they froze in much the same way as the kid. Seconds later the adults shove the kids inside even though the kids do their damndest to remain outside.

Now focus your eyes on the area ten meters from the kid. The kid is still screaming, still frozen. The cause of his distress lies here, ten meters away. A spider.

A spider as big as an old mini. This can be seen from the fact that the spider is on top of a mini. The roof of the mini is invisible to a view from the top.

The spider does not move. Though the hair on it's body is flowing in the wind, there seems to be no signs of life.

The kid realises his mistake and stops screaming. All is quiet as the wives nudge their husbands forward to see if the spider is really dead.

Imagine the faces of the males begrudgingly doing their manly duty.Imagine their concern at the inadequacy of the their weapons.

Some have brooms, others have knives, many have a lighter and a can of hair spray.

The men congregrate at the boy who still has not moved. They have a clearer view of the spider now. The spider is clearly dead.

Everyone has moved outside, most are leaning on fences while following the men's progress.

Slowly, but faster then before, the men move towards the spider. A meter from the spider they can see that the roof of the mini is caved in. A spider leg hangs over the passenger window.

Closer and closer they go when one of them stops and in panic says. "It's breathing!' The spider opens two eyes, and slowly lifts itself up.

It lifts one leg into the sky and lets out a piercing cry. The sound of doors closing shortly follows. Everyone is outside. Everyone turns around upon the sound of their closing door.

At every door is a spider. They are hungry.

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