OricXe - Column for 7/13

Just some questions

I want you to look down at your palms. Here is what I see.

I see many wrinkles and skin. Maybe some nails, ligaments and so forth.

Do you have some dirt between your nails?
Maybe some chicken from dinner?
Some old nail polish, polished on your nails?
Does cutex make a personís nails more presentable?
Does cutex make a dude look better?
Can a guy wearing pink cutex still be straight?
What about pink shirts?
Do you wear them?
Are you a fashionista?
Do you shop till you drop?
A lot?
Even when itís hot?
And let your bags fall in the parking lot?
Do you put your bags in the back seat or the boot?
Do owls hoot?
Did you just tell your child to scoot?
Why do children make so much noise?
Why do they sleep so soundly?
Why are they always the first to wake up?
Why donít alarms sometimes go off?
Is it possible to implant an alarm clock and hook it up to your brain?
Canít one have brain surgery that would rewire the brain to do serve the same function?
Doesnít oneís brain tire after assault from many questions?
Doesnít one fingers tire after much typing?
Doesnít one stop asking questions and just pick up the burger and eat it?

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