OricXe - Column for 9/28

Found this in Cant folder

Somehow the war is spreading over the world. The third world war* is almost upon us dear friends. Nothing and no one will be able to stop the spread of disease known as greed and stupidity among the powerful people of this world.

It seems like those in power have abused the power that us, voters and none voters alike, have granted them. It is deplorable that they are allowed to run around committing sacrilegious acts like this. Theyíre acting like Satan on Christmas day! This just isnít okay with me and neither should it be to you my dear friend.

But, WE can do something about this friend. At this moment, I have no idea what that something is. Maybe a worldwide coup or something similar would do, but coups arenít original anymore. Damn Thailand.

So what can we do that is totally feasible in saving the world, killing every corrupt motherfucker in power while still being totally, undeniably original in doing that?

Nuclear weapons?

Nah, too messy, plus itís not original enough. Read a novel to find out just how unoriginal it is.


Hey! Maybe we could just learn some kung fu, or dimac, or something, travel the world and visit our rain (rein? reign?) of death upon those that cause so much pain. And then leave a warning to future representatives of the people that we will return for them should they treat their citizens in a dogshitty fashion. Doesnít that just sound better?

Okay, so after weíve accomplished world peace? Do we relax? No we donít, we continue to hone or skills in case the future leaders fail to heed our warning and learn some martial arts themselves.

Thatís what we do. Until we get so good that just touching a jar of peanut butter instantly changes it into jam.


*not the war of the third world, thatís already upon us

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