OricXe - Column for 9/29


I feel like shit today. How are you today? I had this motherfucker come up to me and say that he fucked his mother the whole day yesterday. What do you like? Sex? Wine? Just having fun? Iíll just be writing a lot of nonsense today, because I feel like shit today.

Thereís this guy in this class who hates me. I really donít know why because I only know his name. And I donít think that it is his real name. I have no idea what his surname is, so I really donít know why he harbours those unpleasant feelings towards me. Maybe itís because the girl he hangs out with has a thing for me? I guess itís that, because he seems to really want to get in her pants.

I feel like shit today. Probably because I havenít slept well since I started University this year. Itís not that universityís too challenging or that I am stressing to the point of pulling my hair out. But it seems that I am stressing and I just donít realize that I am, stressing that is. You see, my whole life Iíve had very little stress and the stress that I had, wasnít really that major. So I am unaccustomed to the effects of this demon.

Which is probably why Iím so sleepy today. All through my life Iíve had these nightmares. I only realized this a few weeks ago. I thought the dreams were normal and everybody had dreams like that. They did, but not as many as I had. Sometimes I have dreams that haunt me and I just canít seem to shrug them off. Others I shrug of easily, most of them I just enjoy watching because of the silliness of it all. I guess this could make me kind of abnormal.

I am abnormal and I enjoy it sufficiently enough not to want to change or be like anyone else. My mission in life is to make peopleís lives more fun by them witnessing my abnormality. If they somehow get to smile just by me being there than I will be a happier person. I take very little offence to anything anyone might say about me.

It just happened one day. I have no idea when. I started to not care anymore. Not about anyone or anything and I was elated at the prospect of living without the burden of caring. I think itís gotten a bit worse now since I care even less than before. I became somewhat of an insult collector and inventor and I had an insult to give for everyone I received. But my insults were not hurt, but to make me and the insulted both laugh our asses out. I also laugh when being insulted but people canít seem to understand that. Maybe itís because the insults are true most of the time.

They want me to be angry that someone laughed at me rather than with me. Why should I be angry? They found something funny. Is he/she not happier because of that? I sat next to this retard in a taxi(Iíll explain some other time) the other day. I really didnít notice she was laughing and her sister pointed it out to me. She said that the retard found me funny and she proceeded to laugh also. Did I say that she, her sister, is also ugly? I had no reaction whatsoever as I didnít really care that someone with a fucked up brain whose probably never had sex and is twice my age laughed at me.

So have I told you, I feel like shit today?

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