OricXe - Column for 9/6


If I were to make a rough assessment I'd say that about one in five people in my circle of acquaintances have PC at home. Another rough assessment would place the value of the software on each PC at about R7000 ($1000 US or a 100 million Zimbabwean). I'd also estimate that on each users PC there'd be about 20 unreleased movies and approximately 20GB of music.

Hmm, I seem to be at a crossroads. Do I deliver a rant about how piracy harms the content creators? Or do I rant about how the price(namely that it's fucking expensive) of media facilitates piracy?

Neither, I'll just go with the flow as I go along the road to Damascus. Let me just say that I really like the way people justify piracy. A friend does it like so, “I just copy the music to see whether I like it before I go and buy the cd. It fucking pisses me off when there's just one worthwhile track on a 18 track disc.

Which is true, but he doesn't have one original CD at his place. Anyway, I don't really give a shit, because any action can be justified if you think about it hard enough. Or not think at all and just make another's reason your own.

Aren't people just weird that way? Isn't it weird that despite everything people have accomplished and accumulated in their lifetime's that so many still remain unhappy? Every fucking day I ride in a taxi as loud as a fucking disco and usually it's just me shaking my head to the beat.

Everyone else just looks dead. It's almost like the music has no effect, but to make their clothes vibrate. Dammit, I've digressed quite a bit. Just one more sentence to digress back to piracy.

Piracy of software is bad, because it inhibits the flow and development of free as in do-with-it-what-you-want software.

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