Sun Ra - Column for 10/10

Odds 'n Ends

So, after the driest September ever - and that's not exaggeration, I mean it literally - around these parts, we got seven inches of cold rain over the weekend and the outlook is for several more inches during the week. "When it rains, it pours" is not just an advertising slogan.

Our phone service went out this weekend. My wife was in California from Friday through Monday; on Saturday when I left to have sushi with some friends I noticed several voice mails on my cell phone. They were from her, wondering why the home phone was busy.

I figured it was simply off the hook - we do have a cat - but when I got home that turned out not to be the case. I was then fearful that the interior wiring had gone bad; the house was built in 1938 and if something had gone wrong with the mishmash of old, older, and Methuselah wires in our house I would have been hard pressed to find it, let alone fix it. However, I tested the NID outside and the problem was on the line coming in.

So I used the Internet - because my DSL had not stopped working; yes, it's on the same phone line - to file a request for repair. I received an appointment date of this coming Saturday. Then, Sunday night, the phone started working again.

My suspicion is that they administratively disconnected it in error, perhaps when someone mis-entered the phone number of someone who hasn't paid their bills. But there has been a lot of rain; perhaps some central circuit went bad.

I don't know if the guy's going to show up on Saturday or not.

Anyway. The wife was out all weekend so I did what I usually do in those cases, which is darn near nothing at all. Slept a lot. Played some video games. I did straighten out and vacuum the library, which was a larger task than it sounds because we had just acquired a half dozen boxes of books from a deceased friend and had prior to that been stacking books on the television table rather than shelving them properly. Still, not a lot for a weekend.

I did manage to conquer the Holy Land in a series of very successful crusades and hold it as an integral and lucrative part of the Kingdom of Sicily, but that's rather ephemeral.

Let's see, what else... I may have missed a shot at buying the car we want more cheaply than we planned. I made what now seems to be a critical error in our car buying process, by instructing a salesman that we wanted this specific car and we were going to buy it from him as soon as he got it in. Note to self: never do that again. Ever. It took the damn Ford dealership two months to get me the F-150 I wanted back in 1998, and now the Toyota dealership is just as avidly not getting us the Camry. Apparently if they are 'ordering' something for you, that's a license to ignore you ad infinitum.

Meanwhile, some other Toyota dealership had a Columbus Day Weekend sale... on Camrys. $4,000 off MSRP, which when translated could possibly have meant a savings of $500 or so over what we are expecting to pay at Carmax. Now, that's a sale on in-stock cars, so the odds are that they wouldn't have had the precise one we want, but still. I feel yet again like Jack holding the bag of magic beans.

What else... ah, Harriet Miers. Well now. To be honest, I feel about the same way that I did with John Roberts. I was expecting the nomination of some raving right-wing snapcase and instead we get a conservative-but-not-evilly-so crony. All righty then. We shan't see any better. And it is pleasing to see the conservatives - the ones who are evil - crying and whining about how their White House patsy has finally let them down. So I'm for it. Confirm the crony and let's get back to finally exposing the root-to-branch corruption of the Republican party. The Speaker, the Majority Leader, and the Deputy White House Chief of Staff? Wow. Not a surprise, but still, wow.

No, of course not a surprise. I mean, come on. Republican means corruption. They are the party of big business, the party of governing on behalf of the rich. Corruption is practically their declared reason for being. The only surprising thing about all these scandals is that it's taken this long for them to come to light.

Anyway. Slow, wet weekend in these parts.

- Sun Ra

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