Sun Ra - Column for 10/27


I've been working on the novel right up until evening today, so the fires of my imagination are pretty darn burned out. Luckily, I was able to ask Harlock for a topic to write today's Cant about, and he came up with one: juices. (No, Hussy, not those juices. Fruit juices.)

First and foremost, as I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of lemonade. And I like my lemonade sour. Sadly, there really aren't many sour foods outside of lemons or artificially flavored sour candies. I love sour. It's the finest of the flavors.

So lemonade is tops. It's not, strictly speaking, a fruit juice. It's an -ade, probably by virtue of being heavily diluted with water and sugar. As compared, to, say, apple juice, which is just the wet stuff that emerges when you crush an apple. Lemonade isn't pure lemon juice. Although pure lemon juice is damn tasty, too. (I told you I like it sour.)

Obviously, limeade is also good. Orange juice is good, as well, although just like most folks I'm conditioned to want it for breakfast and not really at any other time. The beef I have with orange juice is that if you order it at a restaurant they give you a tiny, tiny glass of it. Like it were wine or something that you should sip. No, it's orange juice. It's cheap, and is meant to be chugged. Belted down. Quaffed. At home, do you ever pour yourself a tiny glass of orange juice? No! You pour a nice tall glass, and drink it on one or two long pulls. And then pour some more. So why do these damn restaurants serve orange juice in thimbles like it's some precious ambrosia?

Fuckers. Where was I?

When I'm not in the mood for lemonade, I'm often in the mood for grape juice. My personal preference is for white grape juice, but the purple stuff will do in a pinch. It's a good, refreshing, fruity beverage. In fact, I'd say that of the frozen concentrate I buy, something like sixty-five percent is lemonade, and thirty percent is white grape juice, and the rest is purple grape juice. Although that excludes the lemonade-iced-tea, for which you can refer to that earlier column. Grape juice now and then just hits the spot.

Apple juice? Well, I'm not a big apple juice fan. If offered it, I'll drink it, but I'd never buy it when other juices are available. It doesn't have enough complexity of taste - it's just sweet. As I say, if there's nothing else around, I won't complain about it. But it's not something I actively look for.

Cranberry juice I mostly stay away from, though again, I don't turn it down if it comes my way for free. An exception to this is cran-grape, which for some reason is a really good admixture of two tastes. I haven't seen it as a frozen concentrate, but every now and then I develop a hankering for some cran-grape and buy myself a large bottle of it at the grocery store. However, since I like pure grape juice, and don't care for pure cranberry juice, I think I know which ingredient to give the credit for that beverage to.

And that about wraps up the juices I regularly drink. I don't drink guava nectar, or pineapple juice, or cashew fruit juice or passion fruit juice or any of that stuff. Too sweet to be refreshing, IMO. And I've had them. I'll try anything (well, most anything) once. And the strange, tropical fruit beverages just don't float my boat.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have some grape juice.

Fermented. It's after five.

- Sun Ra

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