Sun Ra - Column for 3/13


Economists promulgate a concept known as "opportunity cost". That is, the option(s) foregone when you make a choice. For instance, if your wife wants to go shopping, and you decide to go with her to earn valuable husband points, the cost of that choice depends on what else you might have been doing. If you would have otherwise spent the time mowing the lawn or rearranging your sock drawer, the opportunity cost is quite low. If, on the other hand, you would otherwise have gone with your guild buddies on a Zul'Gurub run and come away with epic loot, then the opportunity cost is quite high.

That's just an hypothetical example, mind you.

At any rate, sometimes I look at my life and think about other things that I might have liked to have done, but did not choose. Most of this speculation is one-third baked, at most, but then this is Cant, isn't it? So here are a few options that are intriguing but not enough to have gone for.

- Sun Ra

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