Wanton Hussy - Column for 10/2


Ra insists that I write a column this week, despite being fucking BURIED in homework, as I've been for the last few weeks. I must have been insane when I decided I could handle a full course load and part time work. I agreed to write a column if Ra told me what to write about.

Here's his response: "What kind of pants do you wear? Do you wear jeans? How many times before you wash them? What brand? Do you wear other pants? Are pants better than skirts? Worse? When was the last time you bought pants?" So, a column about pants. Of course, being obsessed with all things British, first I wish he meant knickers rather than trousers, but I guess his questions about skirts and jeans means trousers fairly clearly, alas.

Kinds of pants… For work, mostly I wear cotton/wool knit slacks or cuffed chinos or, in the summer, capri-length pants. Usually not too casual, unless it's Friday, nor too dressy, unless I have a meeting and want people to think I'm professional. I have one pair of brown pants, one cream pair, one navy blue. All the others are black or gray, except one pair of blue jeans. I only have to pairs of jeans currently.

Oddly, I used to live in jeans, but lately they just seem too harsh, too stiff, not comfy enough. True, they're more comfy when they're loose and old, but I don't have any in that state right now. I wear jeans when I want to look casual with friends or on the weekend. Lately it's just been too damn hot for jeans and I think they're buried somewhere at the bottom of my dresser.

How many times before I wash them - until they get dog hair or anything obvious on them. Which is usually two wearings, unless it's a short wearing, like a half-day at work or a quick dinner with friends or something. Mostly because I loathe ironing and try to keep the wear-and-tear down to a minimum on my clothes by washing them only when they're dirty or smelly or sweaty.

Brands, I have no clue. Mostly I buy pants at department stores. I used to love Anchor Blue's jeans in college, but they stopped making them in cool colors like purple and green somewhere around 1995, and I haven't even looked for them in ages.

Are pants better or worse than skirts? What the fuck? When I was a little girl, I was kind of a tomboy, but I loved wearing dresses, the frillier the better. My mom made a lot of my clothes, because the dresses never stayed nice beyond one or two wearings, since I played on the monkey bars and climbed trees and chased the boys and was in general really active. I don't think the scars on my knees really went away until about 8th grade.

I like skirts because in the summer they're cooler and in the winter you can wear tights or leggings under them and be warmer than just wearing pants. They are always easier to dress up, but can generally be dressed down as well. Long, full skirts are fun for twirling and catching the wind. In my life though, I generally don't wear skirts casually; I'm more comfortable in pants. I usually sit with my legs mostly together, ankles crossed or knees crossed, so it's not like I'm flashing the whole world when I occasionally wear a short skirt. Short skirts with boots make me drool.

Last time I bought pants… probably before my trip to Paris a year ago, when I needed some knit pants that wouldn't wrinkle.

And that's about all I can say about my pants. Oh, and again, Ra is a freak.

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